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Our mission is to enhance the human-canine bond and build responsible communities through advocacy, rescue, enrichment and education.

We are a small, dedicated group of volunteers, each with our own perspective and approach to the homeless pet population crisis in New York City. We’ve come together to support our communities and make a difference one dog and one person at a time.



Purpose is what drives animals and people. Watching the discipline, hard work and dedication in a pit bull is a beautiful thing. Bully project provides outlets for this competition and creativity using agility, weight pull, flying disc and other sports to develop positive relationships between people and their dogs.


Work hard. Play harder. Equally as important as purpose is play. Finding time to enjoy yourself and your dog is key in a balanced relationship. Ideas like rile & recovery, tricks, fetch, potlucks, contests and much more, help dogs and people build their bond.


We cannot get down to it unless we have the basics. Obedience training is essential in any pet, and working with dog trainers to keep dogs and people rooted in the essentials, brings value and intention to working & playing.


Is all there is. Love and compassion guide us through each obstacle, challenge, feat and success. Acceptance and an open heart provide a safe place where every individual can let go and start again.