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Help Dash Lose Weight

This is Dash. His life thus far can best be described by Ryan from Million Dollar Listing NYC: Expansion. Always, in all ways. Dash was so obese, it was an ongoing debate over whether he was standing or lying down at any given moment. Given that his mobility was almost non-existent, the struggle was real. Happily, Dash’s personality is as grand as his waistline, but this bundle of joy needs help to return to top wiener dog glory.

10-year-old Dash came to us as an owner-surrender. At intake, Dash weighed 34 pounds but there were even bigger issues at play. His vet found a skin infection, ear infections, and a large skin tag on his belly. Worst of all, two of his back toenails were so painfully overgrown that they had actually grown back around and implanted into his skin, severely restricting his already compromised mobility, necessitating surgical removal under sedation. Dash’s initial vet bill tipped the financial scales at $1,000, even with our generous discount.  He didn’t get this way overnight, and his recovery will be a long, steady road; one that we are committed to seeing him through.  But we can’t do it alone.

This is the beginning of Dash’s next chapter. This chapter includes a low-calorie prescription diet, an active lifestyle with potential physical rehabilitation, surgery to remove his large skin tag and potential excess skin removal surgery once he reaches an appropriate weight. We will take care of Dash as long as it takes, and we look forward to his after photos and bragging statuses on Facebook about how he’s crushing it at the gym.

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