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Josie landed herself at NYC’s municipal shelter and made herself a staff favorite! Bully Project took Josie under its wing when she tested positive for heart worm. After two months of treatment (which required crate rest and limited activities), Josie is ready to rock and roll! She is on a mission to find her perfect family – one that will appreciate her pibble humor while keeping her busy. She likes learning new things, making new friends, and having adventures. Josie is a young adult who is up to date on vaccines, spayed and microchipped.

Josie’s perfect day:
Early AM snuggle with her humans, a nice long walk to get some zoomies out, then a nice food puzzle for breakfast. The rest of the day would include some fetch and tug and nice chew toy. Meeting new human and canine friends is a bonus, and play dates would be awesome! When nighttime rolls around, some play and then some light music when she heads to her crate.

Date: May 04, 2016